Holiday Season Preparation and Service Updates – 2015

Hi In Out Customers!

The holiday season is fast approaching and we want to take this opportunity to prepare you for the best holiday package pickup experience and to update you with the new services that we offer.

If you haven’t used our services for a while, now is the time to double check your mailing address from your favourite online shopping site to ensure it is correct. Your mailing address should be in this format:

[Your Name]
145 Tyee Dr, #xxxx
Point Roberts, WA 98281


[Your Name]
#xxxx, 145 Tyee Dr
Point Roberts, WA 98281

Replace #xxxx with your Customer ID number.

To help us serve you better, please kindly help us with the following:

1. Please do not come to pick up until you have received the pick-up notification from In Out Parcel. We won’t be able to search for a parcel from the unsorted pile as it significantly slows down the check-in process.

2. Please do not call us to check on a parcel’s status. Instead, send us an email with the full tracking number and the carrier if your package shows delivered and you did not receive a pick up notice from us by 3 pm on that day.

Locker expansion
In the past month, we have added 100 large sized lockers to our facility. They are now operational and ready for the holiday season.
Jumbo Storage Room
A new storage room will be available so that we can put oversized packages (packages that won’t fit into our largest lockers) for you to pick up after hours.  The request to use the storage room can be made from the oversized package email notice. Click here for more details.
Change Room
We are the only parcel receiving company to provide this free service. Soon, you will be able to try your new purchases in our change room.  If you need to return the item, just place the opened package back in the locker and email us.  We will repack and return it for you and you can email us the return label.
Locker Rental
If you require a permanent storage locker solution to store your personal belongings or packages that you have picked up but don’t want to take them home immediately, you can rent a permanent storage locker here.  Locker rental includes free letter filing service and unlimited access to an exclusive locker assigned to you.  Packages received under your account will still be charged a receiving fee, and the package will be filed to a random locker.  This is because we want to keep your personal storage locker private and discrete.
Easy Package Return
You can easily return packages after hours, with or without the shipping label and it is FREE of charge. No other places provide this service and it is one of the many things that we do to provide a truly unique and exclusive experience!  Find out more here.

Free Tires Receiving
We partnered with one of the largest tire distributor in the US and if you make your tire or wheel purchase through them, we will receive it for FREE. Find out more here.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new upgrades to our facility and our unique and exclusive added services!