Shipping Services via USPS and UPS

Aside from parcel receiving, we also provide many other services including shipping out packages using the United States Postal Service (USPS) or by the United Parcel Service (UPS).

We can ship out every day, including Sundays and you can simply drop off your packages and have us prepare the shipping labels. What used to be lining up for 15 minutes or longer at the Post Office just to ship your package out is now a 30 second drop-off, pay and go service!

Mail Forwarding to Canada and the Rest of the World

Can’t pick up your parcel? No problem. We can ship and forward any parcels we receive for you to Canada or anywhere else in the World. All packages we receive will incur the parcel receiving fee and to have it forwarded to you, you just pay for the shipping.

If you are expecting multiple parcels, we can repack and consolidate all parcels into a single package to cut down on shipping cost. Our fee to complete consolidations starts at $7.50 for the first 15 minutes, this service includes all packing materials, such as new boxes, tape, packing peanuts/air and shipping labels. Consolidation is about removing unnecessary packaging materials and merging items into one smaller box to make shipping significantly more cost effective.

Once you get a notification that your parcel has arrived, simply reply and tell us to forward it to your address of choice. We will bill your account and the package will be on its way to you!

We can also provide you with dimensions and details for shipping with your own labels and courier choice, this service is $2.50.

Easy Parcel Return

We provide FREE return services for customers that use our parcel receiving service.  In situations where you need to return something, our goal is to ensure you have a simple and smooth package return experience during business hours and even after hours!

Situation 1

If you have a package with a return shipping label from USPS, Fedex, or UPS, you can drop off the package at the service counter and we will hand it to the carrier for you.

Situation 2

If you need to return a package after hours and the package already has a return shipping label attached, then you can place the package in any empty lockers during your parcel pickup–please make sure to never force the package in the locker. When you are home (or use our free WiFi), email us the locker number so we can pull out your package the next day and hand it to the carrier for you.

Situation 3

If you must drop off a package after hours and the package requires postage, you can place the package inside any empty lockers.  When you are home (or use our free WiFi), email us the locker number so we can pull out your box the next day, prepare an USPS/UPS shipping label for you, and charge your account the USPS/UPS postage cost.  You can add credits to your account to pay for the shipping cost. Please ensure both your information and the recipient information are on the package.

Situation 4

If you need to return a package but the return label is not immediately available, just leave the package in any lockers.  When you are home (or use our free WiFi), email us the locker number and also the return shipping label.  We will pull out the box, tape it up if needed, print out the shipping label, and apply the label to the box and return it for you.

All the above services are FREE, except for the USPS/UPS postage fee in which we prepare a shipping label for you. However, you’ll need to use the PIN associated with an existing package that you will be picking up in the lockers in order to get access to the building. If you are strictly dropping off after hours, we can create a PIN for you, and this will be $1.00 as we will have to mimic filing a letter to your account in order to issue a PIN to you.

Our goal is to make your  package return experience as easy as your package pickup experience by offering you the added convenience, simplicity and professional services of our team.