Permanent Lockers for Storage

If you want to keep a permanent storage locker to store your personal belongs or any packages that you have picked up, but don’t want to take home immediately, you can rent a permanent storage locker at In Out Parcel.

There is a minimum 3 month commitment for permanent lockers. 

This permanent storage locker can only be accessed by you. Similar to picking up a parcel, you can access the locker after hours, however, the PIN you are provided with will never expire or reset, it will be the permanent PIN to this locker.  Locker rental includes free letter filing service.

Lockers come in two sizes (Width x Depth x Height):

Small (18″ x 18″ x 10″) – $4.25 per week.
Medium (18 “x 18″ x 13”) – $5.50 per week.
Large (18 “x 18″ x 18”) – $7.00 per week.

For even larger locker sizes, please email us for a price quote.


  • Unlimited, unrestricted access to your locker 24 hours a day.
  • Includes FREE letter filing service, this can act as your permanent mailbox.
  • Exclusive access to your rented locker.

Please note that packages received under your account will still be charged the usual receiving fee and storage fees, and the package will be filed to a random locker per our usual filing procedures.  This is because we want to keep your personal storage locker private and discrete.

Fees are charged to your account on a weekly basis. To sign up, simply email us stating you want a permanent locker and the size you want. We will then assign a locker to your account and you will be provided with a PIN code similar to a regular parcel filing where you can immediately begin using your exclusive locker. You will be able to view this PIN code under My Packages.