Partial Pickup Service

Taking only a few items? No problem.

We offer partial pickups if you ever want to remove only a few items from your package while leaving the other items to be picked up another time. What we will do is take the package back and re-scan it as a brand new package. An additional parcel receiving fee will be assessed and your package will be ready for pickup immediately. The storage period will start from the new scan-in time.

Example 1

Your parcel containing a dozen pairs of socks is placed in the locker.  You want to pickup 2 pairs only.  What you would do is remove the 2 pairs from the box, place the box back into the same locker and close the locker door.  When you return home, send us an email and let us know that you left a package in the locker.  We will scan in the package the next day as a new package, and you will have another 14 days, 24 hours a day to pickup this package.

If you only want to pickup 2 pairs of socks per visit, you would keep repeating the above procedures.

Example 2

You have an over sized package for pickup at the service counter during staffed hours.  The package contains 3 chairs and you only want pickup 1 chair at a time. Just let our staff know during pickup and we will store the remaining chairs in the over sized area for future pickup at the service counter.  We will scan in the package as a new package, and you will have another 14 days to pickup this package.

Example 3

You have a package that you marked for shelf storage on the address label (ie. 145 Tyee Dr, #9999 SHELF). The package contains 4 pairs of boots, but you only want to pickup 1 pair at a time using the automated locker system.  Simply email us whenever you want us to open the package on your behalf, and we will place the pair of boot in the locker. We will create a tracking number for that item, and scan it into our locker system. You will get a PIN which will allow you to pickup your item within 14 days, 24 hours a day.

The main differences between example 1 and example 3 is that with example 1 you have full access and control of your parcel.  With example 3 you authorize us to remove contents from your original package and place them in a locker with its own unique tracking and PIN code.

We can custom tailor a solution that works for you using our locker system, just send us an email with your intent and we will make your pickup as streamlined for you as possible.